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Jonas Scheid

Bravo Expert

Consulting - Bravo Studio

What can I help you with?

  • Planning your app
  • Evaluating if Bravo Studio is suitable for you
  • Choosing the right third-party tools (backend providers, automation, …)
  • Backend structure
  • Setting up API requests + bindings in Bravo
  • Fixing visual bugs in Bravo Vision
  • Tips on UI/UX
  • Figma / Adobe XD file clean up
  • Performance and security of your app
  • Legal aspects (EU, note that I’m not a laywer)
  • Handling user accounts (Login, onboarding, migration)
  • App monetization strategies
  • Publication help (Google Play and App Store)
  • Maintenance, updates and app health
  • Team workshops, onboarding of new developers to a project

Note: I currently don’t offer to develop complete projects.

How does the call work?

We meet for a specified time (mostly one hour but I’m not strict) in a video conferencing tool of your choice. There we discuss your questions or I’ll teach you how to do certain things.

My main goal is to leave you with actionable tips to continue your work.

I’ll be available through chat or e-mail even after our call to clarify things or answer further questions.


Generally speaking, the more information you provide, the better I will be able to help you.

If you already have some questions, feel free to send them to me beforehand. Your design file as a link and access to your backend can be helpful but are not mandatory. I won’t ask you to send me any login credentials before the call.

After our call, I will send you an invoice that you can also use for your taxes. On it you will find a banking connection to which you can transfer the money. Should that not be possible for you, we’ll be able to find an alternative.

Feel free to tell me about your situation to see if I can offer you a discount. This could be the case if you are a student or work for a non-profit organisation.

You are free to cancel or move your appointment with me. For understandable reasons I can’t give you a refund after we spent our time together though.

I have talked about no-code on different platforms already. You probably know me mainly for my work with Bravo Studio (for example on their YouTube channel) and as the top commentator in the Bravo community. I am also an official Bravo Expert.

Yes, you may record our call for personal use. This way you can watch it back as often as you like. Please don’t share it publically though.

If it’s not possible for you to record it, I can take care of that for you.

I’m located in Germany, so I’m using CET.

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