Flexo doesn’t expand

Text is limited

Identify the issue:

  • You have set up a textbox with [flexo] but the long text is still not displayed
  • The beginning of the text is shown but not the rest
  • This issue is specific to [flexo], if you find your normal text being cut, check out this issue

How to fix [flexo] not expanding?

  • Make sure you applied the [flexo] tag to the text and not the container (the size of the container follows the size of the textbox and not the other way around)
  • The textbox with the [flexo] tag needs to be the bottom-most element in that container
  • Only have one [flexo] tag per container
  • The [flexo] tag is not supported in top-bar containers (create a second container if you have to)
  • Check out the sample Figma file below for a proper example that you can duplicate
  • Additionally, I have made a YouTube video specifically about the [flexo] tag

Get the sample Figma file:

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